Food for thought:

·       If you never eat FAT again, you will die. (No kidding!)

·       If you never eat PROTEIN again, you will die.

·       Yet, if you NEVER EAT CARBS again youll probably live a long life. Does that mean you should cut out fruits and vegetables? NO! Fruits and vegetables are essential because they provide vitamins, minerals, fiber and balance out the acidity level produce by other foods.

So the question is Can fat really be that bad, if it is necessary for life?

Did you know that there are FATS that will help you LOSE FAT?!?

Omega-3: The Super Fat!

The best sources of omega-3 fatty acids come from Wild Alaskan Salmon (do NOT eat farm-raised fish of any kind), grass-fed beef, grass-fed organic eggs, and ground flax seed. You should getting 3-12 grams of omega-3s a day. Depending on your diet, that may be hard to acquire from foods alone. Enter the greatest supplement you arent taking OMEGA-3!

How does Omega-3 help you?

·       If you are overweight: Omega-3 fats work to keep a hormone, leptin, which directly influences the metabolism’s speed at high levels. According to research in the December 2007 Journal of Nutrition, 2 weeks of fish-oil supplementation equal to 3g daily improved the metabolism of fat in the intestine and reduced weight gain in overfed animals. In another study, researchers discovered that the same 2-week period resulted in gene alterations, particularly of the “anti-obesity” gene.

·       If you have high blood pressure: Over 60 double-blind clinical trials have shown that fish oil supplements play a critical role in lowering blood pressure. There are also a number of studies that demonstrate how people who eat omega-3-rich foods like deep sea fish have lower blood pressure than people who do not. Omega-3 essential fatty acids combat the effects of a formerly high cholesterol diet, reduce the risk of developing heart disease, and lower blood pressure itself. One study even showed that for every 1% increase in omega-3 fatty acids, there was a 5mm HG decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

·       If you have knee pain: Lets talk about the anti-inflammatory properties of this SUPER FAT! Long term DHA and EPA block many inflammation pathways in the cell! Ibuprofen has a much more limited effect so put down the Advil and pop some fish oil. Your liver and joints just said thanks!

·       If you are diabetic: Omegas help improve insulin sensitivity = our body is better at using stored body fat as energy.

·       If you want to improve brain function: Omegas provide energy and help make up membranes of the brain cells = better function, development and memory.

·       There are SO many more benefits of omega-3s. Just Google it!

We are slowly starting to get it, its NOT fat or protein that makes us fat its CARBS! Now dont get me wrong, the RIGHT CARBS can be a good thing. The problem is we eat way too many carbs, way to often, and the wrong type!

A great new book that came out, Why we Get Fat, by Gary Taubes says, Protein and fat dont make us fat only carbohydrates do.Now, I am not a supporter of the Atkins diet either. Yes, eating bacon and cheese is devoid of carbs, but really how healthy is that?!? It is important to strike a BALANCE between protein, carbs, and fat but please, whatever you do, dont stop eating fat!

Hopefully with this new information, youll think twice before you cut fat from your diet.