Testimonials 22

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Joseph T.

Testimonials 1

“I worked out regularly for years, then stopped for a… Read more “Joseph T.”

Mr. Joe Tart has lost 11 inches total!

Lynn P.

Testimonials 2

“My results before I had a trainer would start off… Read more “Lynn P.”

David O.

Testimonials 3

“My upper body strength was only to do push-ups and… Read more “David O.”

Josh M.

Testimonials 4

“I was able to gain strength and size, but I… Read more “Josh M.”

Emily P.

Testimonials 5

“My results prior to working with a professional – I… Read more “Emily P.”

Kim D.

Testimonials 6

“My highest weight was 260 lbs, size 24, on diabetes… Read more “Kim D.”


Testimonials 7

“Love the gym, Zumba and group training with my coach!… Read more “Katy”


Testimonials 8

Following nearly a year of being sedentary from two back-to-back… Read more “Testimonial”

Emily Rister

Testimonials 9

I’ve struggled with mental health difficulties all my life, but… Read more “Emily Rister”


Testimonials 10

Since working with my trainer I’ve gained so much confidence… Read more “Testimonial”

Fit4life Garner/Clayton

Testimonials 11

I lost almost 60lbs going to the gym every night.… Read more “Fit4life Garner/Clayton”

Jim O.

Testimonials 12

Huge shoutout to Jim for crushing his goals so far… Read more “Jim O.”


Testimonials 13

Carrie is excited about the 4 inches she has lost… Read more “Carrie”

Jake W.

Testimonials 14

Just 3 short months ago, Jake Walters started his journey… Read more “Jake W.”

Gwen W.

Testimonials 15

I’m super happy with my results(Down 32lbs and 29 total… Read more “Gwen W.”

Nicole C.

Testimonials 16

Feeling pumped right now, just got on the scale and… Read more “Nicole C.”


Testimonials 17

Sade with the help of her personal trainer lost 17.4lbs… Read more “Sade”


Testimonials 18

Donna has enjoyed training so much she has been with… Read more “Donna”


Testimonials 19

Melissa signed up for training because her high school reunion… Read more “Melissa”


Testimonials 20

In her first two months with her personal trainer, Liz,… Read more “Angela”


Testimonials 21

At my heaviest I was right at 190 pounds. I… Read more “Kelly”