Fit4life Members & Guests:

We hope this update finds you and your families safe and in good health. As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times together, we thank you for your patronage and patience. We consider our members part of our extended fit4life family and we will do our best to keep you updated on the steps we are taking at our health clubs.

Below is our most recent update in regards to covid as of Jan 1st, 2022:

1) We continue to find ways to improve and increase our cleaning measures to ensure the safest possible environment. We have doubled our cleaning budget, which includes:

A) We have hired several cleaning companies who visit our clubs 3-5 times a week for general cleaning and upkeep of the facility.

B) We have hired Cintas to come and professionally deep clean our bathrooms 5 times a week.

C) When you enter our facilities you will see a table setup at the front for you to grab your own personal cleaning bottle with a cleaning solution that kills all germs/bacteria including covid. We ask that you clean your machine before and after use.

D) We have hired a company who also sprays enviroshield in our facilities, which also kills all germs/bacteria including covid. 

E) Our staff continues to clean our facility throughout the day in addition to the bullets listed below.

We are working very hard to provide you the best facility possible for you and your family to continue your fitness journey and make 2022 about you!

Thank you,

Fit4life Management

Fit4life Members & Guests:

We hope this update finds you and your families safe and in good health. As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times together, we thank you for your patronage and patience. We consider our members part of our extended fit4life family and we will do our best to keep you updated on the steps we are taking at our health clubs.

24 Hour Access: Effective Wednesday, November 18th, We will reopen our 24 hour access. For the safety of our members we have updated our 24 hour rules. As always our top priority is the health and well-being of our members.

Overnight check in:
1) The group room, kids zone and tanning rooms will be locked and are off limits, no exceptions.

2) There will be a check in station once you enter the building. As normal you will scan in, notice there will be a new scanner that works with our new app., more on this later. There is a sign to remind you to take your own temperature. You fill that out along with your name, phone number and put down your bottle number. Take a spray bottle and towel. BE sure to wipe your equipment down after use. You will also need to sign out when leaving. Make sure to put your used bottle and towel in the marked “used/dirty” areas.

Please note, we will review all video footage every morning to ensure every person who scanned in filled out the sheet and follow the instructions as stated. If any member does not follow this, they will get a phone call. 1st time is a one-time warning, 2nd time not following instructions will result in a 30 day suspension on overnight access, 3rd time will lead to a 3 month suspension of overnight check in access. If this issue continues we will be forced to revoke your overnight access permanently. Please respect this process so that we can maintain this service and continue to provide 24 hour access.

Group Fitness: Effective immediately

We have started our indoor classes again! We will begin with a limited attendance to ensure the safety of everyone. We will start with a limited number of classes and will build on this based on attendance.

Please make sure to download our new app as you can reserve your spot on the app. Once all spots are reserved the class is full. You are still welcome to come and wait until start time in case someone doesn’t show up, however reservations take precedence over “first come first served” so please understand if all spots are reserved via the app, you will not be able to enter, unless you reserved a spot.

New club software and application:

We have switched from Twin Oaks to Peak Payment Solution, a new billing software. We have also partnered with them and developed a new application that will help us communicate with you!

You can now check in/scan in with your phone via this app, update your billing, make payments, book personal training sessions, reserve your spot in class, earn referral rewards and earn free months of membership, pt and retail purchases and stay up to date with hours/notifications through our push notification system. Please download this app immediately so that we can better communicate and serve you. Any questions, please talk to a staff member immediately.

Covid -19 1Covid -19 2

Thank you,
Fit4life Management

Fit4life Members & Guests:

We hope this update finds you and your families safe and in good health. As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times together, we thank you for your patronage and patience. We consider our members part of our extended fit4life family and we will do our best to keep you updated on the steps we are taking at our health clubs.

Kids Zone: Effective Tuesday, September 8th, 2020 we will reopen our Kids Zones in all our clubs during the hours listed below. For the safety of our members and your children we have updated our Kids Zone rules just as we have for our adult members. Our top priority is the health and well-being of you and your children!

Please be aware that each time you walk into the gym, your children will also have their temperature taken the same as you do. Any temperature of 100.3 and above the child will not be allowed to enter the kid zone and they will have to leave the premises.

As a reminder for anyone who hasn’t been back in to work out, we will close down the entire club including the kids zone 2 times a day for deep cleaning. Our clubs close everyday from 11:00am-11:30pm OR 12:00pm-12:30pm and again 3:30-4:00pm for a Team Cleaning. On a weekly basis our Kids Zone will also be professionally cleaned & sprayed with a disinfectant that kills all viruses.

Group Fitness:

Our group fitness classes will remain virtual and/or outside until capacity restrictions ease a bit more.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage during this unprecedented time. Please stay tuned for more updates!

New Kid Zone Hours:

Monday – Thursday*
8:00am – 12:00pm & 4:00pm – 8:00pm

8:00am – 12:00pm

9:00am – 1:00pm

*Please note these times may vary slightly per club location, please see individual clubs  for accurate times for that location.

Please Note: If your account was frozen due to our Kids Zone being closed and you would like to unfreeze your membership, please call your home club or stop in and we will take care of you.

Thank you,
Fit4life Management

Attention Members & Guests:

First and foremost, we hope this update finds you and your families safe and in good health. As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times together we thank you for your patronage and patience. 
Our members are part of our extended fit4life family and will want to keep you updated on the steps we are taking to re-open our health clubs.

We are closely monitoring our government updates and CDC guidelines & will continue to assess the situation and make adjustments to our operating rules.  

Below is a quick FAQ in regards to your monthly billing with us.

1.  Are we open?

Yes, we opened June 1st at 12:00p.  We are currently operating with “staffed hours only” and we are not open 24 hours due to different curfews throughout the state and new Covid-19 capacity rules. Over the next couple days/weeks we will make changes to this. Please follow us on FB, IG and Google Business for up to the minute information. Please also stop by one of our locations, call us or send us a message on FB and update your contact email so that you receive emails from us as well.

2.  What is the new process in place when you come in to workout?

  • You will arrive at the front door for your workout, on your first visit you will sign in and fill out a covid19 waiver & have your temperature taken.  If your temperature is 100.4 or higher you will not be permitted to workout and will be asked to go home.  
  • If your temperature is clear, you will be handed and assigned a disinfectant bottle and a cleaning towel and asked to clean any equipment you use before and after you workout.
  • You will then proceed to the front desk to scan your fit4life card to check in for your workout.  While working out we ask that you maintain 6-feet social distancing with both members and staff. If we are at capacity or close to it when you check in we will ask that you limit your workout to 75 minutes.
  • Once you are done with your workout, you will check out at the check in table and return your disinfectant bottle and your dirty towel.  

3. How long can someone workout

For now 75 minutes is the time period. If your club doesn’t experience overflow you can push it to 90 minutes.

4. Will we close to clean? 

Yes,  we will close twice a day during staffed hours to do a Team Clean & disinfect the entire club. 
Monday-Friday 11a – 11:30a OR 12p-12:30p the clubs are to be closed to clean and again 3:30p – 4p (Exact time varies per club location due to kids zone hours)
Saturdays & Sundays we will do full Team Clean and disinfect after we close for the day.
Every night the gym will close and be disinfected.

5. Will we offer a “senior member only time” to workout since they are high risk?

Currently we do not have a specific time set aside for senior’s at this time, however we are considering implementing it once the demand is there.

6. What if you paid for your membership in full and lost 60 days of workout time?

If you paid for your account in full, you will be credited an equal amount of time to your account that we were closed.

7. Will annual addendum fee’s for the month of April, May & June be billed?

Annual Addendum Fees for June will be billed as usual on June 17th.
Annual Addendum Fees that were scheduled for April or May of this year will be billed on July 17th this year only.

8.  I am a personal training client. What options are available to me now?

Clients have a couple options.
A) You can go back to your club and resume your personal training. If your trainer is not back yet for any reason, we have trainers available to help you!
B) If you are not comfortable in the gym setting yet, but would like to continue training, we will continue virtual training until further notice.
**If you have not virtual personal trained yet and are interested, please message us via Facebook messenger and we can walk you through the steps to get set up**

9. Group Fitness Classes

We will continue hosting group classes throughout the week for our members to tune
into. We will be utilizing the services of ( please click this link and download the free version on your cell, laptop or ipad. Please make sure you like our social media platforms as we will be utilizing them to inform our members of any changes to our online classes as well as what the schedule is.
Now that we are open, we will begin classes soon* and with that said will continue virtual classes but these will be reducing in frequency.

10. Can non-members come in?

Yes for a $25 day pass. If you sign up online, you can download a drop in day guest pass for $10. If you join the same day, we will apply that $10 towards your down payment.

If I am a member and bring a guest what is the cost? It is the same for everyone, it would still be $25.

11. I am not comfortable with working out in the gym setting yet, what can I do?

Upon re-opening we respect & understand that some will be uncomfortable with returning to the gym immediately therefore we will honor our company policy as it was prior to being shut down. This freeze policy states that all members have the right to request a courtesy freeze during their 12 month agreement and in doing so we have always required our members to complete the initial terms of their agreement with us after their requested freeze has ended (meaning that they are still required to complete the minimum 12 monthly payments owed based on their signed agreement). In the event of a freeze they would not be required to make 12 consecutive payments as long as they made all 12 payments.
Because our billing cycle happens on the 5th of each month for membership, if you would like to freeze your membership for 30 or 60 days we will freeze you for your next billing cycle (july) if the would like to freeze for 30 days, and then you can start using the gym 30 days from the day you’re taking this notice.
 If you choose 60 days the same rules apply.

12. What services are currently available?

  • We will continue to provide 1 on 1 personal training virtually for those who want to train but aren’t comfortable working out in the gym yet.  You can participate in virtual training if your membership is frozen, but you can not participate in virtual training if your personal training is frozen.
  • We will continue to provide virtual classes.
  • We will now offer a personal towel and cleaning bottle when you arrive, no extra charge!
  • At this time kids zone and group classes will be closed temporarily and we will review the data etc. and make a determination from there.
  • Guest Fee – if a non member were to workout and/or you would like to bring a friend we are not permitting 3 day guest passes until further notice. A 1 day guest pass will be $25 per day.

13. Are their updates on Group Classes and Kids Zone?

We will allow for outside group classes to begin soon, more information coming, again follow us on FB, IG and Google Business for the most up to the minute information.
We will look at normal Group Classes taking place in the coming weeks.

Kids zone for now will continue to be closed, we will review this in the coming days.

14. What is capacity at per club?

We have set capacity at all clubs at under 40% based on square footage of the club.  Please contact the club directly for an exact number for a specific club.